Amendoeira wins Interclube at home against Salgados 4 1/2 – 1/2

Congratulations to Amendoeira team ! An amazing victory today vs Salgados 4 and half- a half, gaining 9 points guaranteed us to move up to Division 1 for next season!A fantastic display of great matches by all 5 pairs. Many incredible shots and critical putts made! Amendoeira will be the probable winner of Division 2 with one more Away match left. Thank you, Amendoeira for supporting our team. Our visiting team was very impressed with our course, our delicious buffet,…

Amendoeira Wins Drive DRIVE CHALLENGE SUL – Palmares

Amendoeira's juniors won this Saturday, September 10th, the Drive Challenge South circuit of the Portuguese Golf Federation. The tournament took place in Palmares Praia Course. This victory represents the work of the players throughout the season that has now ended. Congratulations to the players, parents, coaches and Amendoeira Resort for providing the best training conditions. More info at:

Amendoeira wins against Salgados 3 – 2

What an incredible victory 3-2 at Salgados! We earned 1 bonus point for winning Away match as well! Congratulations to Amendoeira!👏We knew it was a tough match playing Away at a tricky course with lots of water. Well played everyone! Delicious lunch tasted even better as our team won!Salgados will play here on Aug 29.Let’s keep on and stay strong! Thank you everyone who played today and all the support!! Keiko More info at Results Amendoeira V SalgadosDownload