• Title: Amendoeira Cup / Club Championship
  • Date: Saturday, 25th, Sunday 26th November 2023, 
  • Starting time; 07:30
  • Where: O’Connor & Faldo Course

Terms of the Competitions

Pursuant to the Rule 33.1, and without prejudice to the Conditions of Permanent Application of the Competition, the following Regulations are hereby established

Local: O’Connor & Faldo Course Date: 25 & 26 November 2023

Starting Time: 7:30


The Competition is open to all members of the Amendoeira Club with the official Portuguese Golf Federation handicaps. (Entries are accepted in order of “first come first served”).


In order to enter the tournament, a player must have played in a minimum of 6 Handicap Qualifying Tournaments since Jan 1st of this year. (Players may be asked to evidence this) (Individual Strokeplay or Stableford competitions). If a member does not have sufficient qualifying tournaments this year, they can only enter the gross tournament.

Entry fee:

Membros & Owners Amendoeira Resort: 15€ (Entry Fee)

Members Amendoeira Clube de Golfe: 40€ (Gtreen Fee) + 15€ (Entry Fee).

General Pubic Fee 40€ (Green fee) + 15€ (Entry Fee) + 25€ (Prize Giving Dinner)

*An addition 35€ to be paid by member show have not played in 6 Amendoeira Tournaments this year.


The Club Championship will be played in two days.

The aggregate Stroke play score on O’Connor and Faldo over two days will be the Club Champions. Handicaps: full handicap, with a maximum handicap of 28 strokes for men and ladies.

Handicap index to be adjusted according to to the slope of each course.

Tees – Ladies tees Red | Men tees Yellow

Order of play:

Day 1-The draw will be made by the player with lowest handicap teeing off earliest followed by the handicap index.

Day 2-The draw will be made by highest Gross score of Day 1 teeing off earliest followed by Gross scores

Prizes Men, Ladies & Juniors (Sub. 18):

The Gross Club Champion Men/Ladies/Juniors will be the player who returns the lowest two days’ aggregate gross score.

The Gross Club Champion Runner up Men/Ladies/Juniors will be given to the second lowest two days’ aggregate gross score.

The Net Club Champion Men/Ladies/Juniors will be the player who returns the lowest two days’ aggregate net score.

The Net Club Champion, Runner up Men/Ladies/Juniors will be the second lowest two days’ aggregate Net score. Gross winners precede Net winners.

Prizes for each day:

Gross and Net for Men/Ladies on Day 1 and Day 2.

Gross winners precede Net winners.

One player can win only one prize in each Championship category.

Especial Prizes

Longest Drive: Men and Ladies on each course. Nearest to the Pin: Men and Ladies.

One player can win more than one prizes in these challenges. Prizes are only for players with a valid FPG handicap.


Ties are broken as follow:

Best Last 18, 9, 6, 3, and the last hole.

Handicap (EGA) Lower (Gross) and lower (Net) and finally by draw.


For the following tournament the rules are:

  1. Approved by “Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews”;
  2. Local Rules of the club;
  3. The rules established by the Committee of the tournament;
  4. Permanent rules form the FPG;

Cancellation or Alteration of the Playing Conditions and Regulations

At any time, the Tournament Committee can complete or alter the present Regulations; suspend or cancel any of the rounds or cancel the tournament;

Any Omissions

Any omissions in this regulation will be decided definitively by the Tournament Committee


Tiago Francisco, Dir. Golf    

Nelson Cavalheiro, PGA

1 Tournament Committee member

Doubt as to Procedure (Rule 20.1c)

If a competitor is doubtful of his rights or the correct procedure during the play of a hole, he may, without penalty, complete the hole with two balls. After the doubtful situation has arisen and before taking further action, the competitor must announce to his marker or fellow-competitor that he intends to play two balls and which ball he wishes to count if the Rules permit.

The competitor must report the facts of the situation to the Committee before returning his score card. If he fails to do so, he is disqualified.

Other Information

  • Check – In maximum with 30 minutes in advance;
  • Arrival at the 1st Tee maximum with 5 minutes in advance;
  • Replace divots;
  • Repair pitch marks on the green;
  • Follow the bugie rules;

Draw & Results