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Amendoeira Interclub League match Vs Espiche

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What an exciting day we had at Espiche! We were prepared for a tough match! All of our 5 matches were very close. At the end, Espiche won 3-2, but this was not a surprise. In fact, it was totally acceptable at such a difficult Away course. Thank you all for your cheering even from far away😄Thank you, our team today for playing your very best!!!
We needed to come through our last two tough Away matches without too much damage, we accomplished that. We are now ready to win again! 👍👏💕😄

Results:May 19 at Espiche
Espiche won 3-2
David Pantzar 3(0)
Keiko Bates 12(9)
Won 2up
Paul Oldman 7(4)
Anita Walmsley 15(12)
Steve Bruce 9(0)
Angelo Zammit 10(1)
Lost 2-1
Andy Goodman 15(6)
Dave Becket 10(1)
Nick Butterly 8(1)
Geoff Robinson 15(8)
Lost 1Down
Nigel Walmsley 7(0)
Geoff Varga 15(8)
Robert Haller 12(1)
Karl-Johan Sandesjo 16(5)
Won 1Up
Simon Beard 11(0)
Kathleen Goodwin 18(7)
Jorge Jacinto 2(0)
Carla Dill 21(19)
Lost 1Down
Carolyn Eastwood 19(17)
Linda Baxter 15(13

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