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Amendoeira wins Interclub League match Vs Quinta do Vale

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Congratulations to Amendoeira Interclub league Team, winning 4-1 at Away match vs Quinta do Vale!  A very impressive victory!  We got even a bonus point by winning Away match.
Our team played so well together, getting there for a practice round a day before and collectively prepared for the match.
Our team: Angelo Zammit, Annika Edin, Bo Sundberg, Bob Coe, Chris Bates, Jorge Jacinto, Karl-Johan Sandesjo, Petter Barth, Robert Haller, Steve Bruce.
Thank you, each player for your dedication to play for our team to win, and all of you who are supporting and cheering for our team!

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Won 2up Petter Barth 6.4(Scr)/Karl-John Sandesjo 18.3(12)
vs Brenda Smith 8.3(0)/Derick Hynd 20.1(14)

Won 2up Chris Bates 12.8(Scr)/Bo Sundberg 16.1(4)
vs Nick Allison 19.3(6)/SteveTalbot 20.1(7)

Won 1up Jorge Jacinto 4.0(Scr)/Annika Edin !7.0(14)
Denise Boutin 6.7(2)/David McBride 17.8(14)

Lost 4-5 Robert Haller 9.9(Scr)/Bob Coe 13.1(3)
vs Chris Upfield 15.8(6)/Chris Mudd 19.3(10)

Won 2-1 Steve Bruce 9.3(Scr)/Angelo Zammit 11.6(2)
vs Di Pierce 16.1(4)/Roger French 21.0(9