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Interleague Castro Marim Golf

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Today we played Castro Marim, the course was very tricky with the greens not being the best.

The results was Amendoeira winning 3 games to 2.

Here are the results, well played Gus and Tony winning the 18th hole to win 1 up.

Thanks to all the players who took part today.

Our last Interclub game is away at Quinta do Lago, could you please confirm you are available if selected.

We are top of our division and we would like to win our last game, team selection is very important as Quinta have some good players.

Casto MarimAmendoeira
John Leach14136Won8.50Gus Murray8.97Scr
Colin Nolan2221141 upTony Sestito21.72013
Jack Parry16159Lost8.59Nick Butterly8.46scr
Brian Booth2423174 & 3Peter Bell12.7115
Luis Fortes14124Won9.08Paul Ramshaw9.58scr
Belas Pires2423157 & 6Geoff Robinson14.1124
Chris Lefever14.1127Lost 9.17Kevin Coates7.15scr
David Steed24.123187 & 6Karl Sandesjo18.91712
Mark Compsty8.46ScrWon9.26Keiko Bates8.982
Trish Compsty22.522164 & 3Edward Charles16.4159