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And we are back Monday 4th of May!

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Dear Member

Hope you and your family are all well.

We are pleased to inform you that, after the government announced the gradual return to business which included individual sports as Golf, Amendoeira O’ConnorJnr Golf Course will be reopening on Monday the 4th May, and Faldo Course will reopen on Wednesday the 6th of May.

This reopening will have to follow several restrictions and new procedures will be in place. Please see below the general rules.

Our main concern is still the safety of all our members, visitors and staff. Therefore, we ask you to be patient, understanding and cooperative (as you always have been) at this stage, as we are reopening with limited services, limited tee times availability, limited staff during limited hours so we can fulfil all government and health authorities recommendations.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or clarify any doubt about the new procedures.

Thank you for all the support. And we all look forward for these difficult times to be over soon. All the best and keep safe,

To make sure everybody is safe here are the rules;

General Rules of the Amendoeira Golf Courses

Players should not travel to golf courses if:

– they are in any kind of quarantine,

– belong to an “Identified Group Risk”,

– suspect or having symptoms of Coronavirus infection,

– have been diagnosed with COVID-19,

– have symptoms or have been diagnosed with the flu, cold, tuberculosis, asthma or other respiratory diseases that can “mask” symptoms of COVID-19.

To play at Amendoeira Golf Course:

1.         Access to the courses and play will be only allowed to the player who reserved his tee time at least 24 hours in advance, and, after the respective confirmation of reservation acceptance (online reservation systems, email or telephone). Reservations at the counter are not accepted;

2.         Cash payments are not accepted. All payments must be made with debit and / or credit cards;

3.         The Clubhouse Restaurant and Bar remain closed, and Buggy Bar service is unavailable. Take away is available from the restaurant

4.         The Toilets along the golf courses remain open, inspected and disinfected several times a day.

5.         All Buggies will be properly disinfected before and after usage, each player must occupy his own buggy, and under no circumstances will two players be allowed per buggy, exception for players of the same household.

6.         The locker rooms/changing rooms will remain closed.

7.         The golf course facilities will be open only to players, non-golfing or visitors are not allowed.

8.         The maximum number of simultaneous players in the driving range allowed is 10 players, and 5 players simultaneously in chipping, pitching and putting greens.

9.         Ball machines are not available.


 1. Players must access the golf courses no more than 30 minutes before the Tee Time and present themselves at the tee off at the most 5 minutes before, to guarantee the social distance;

2. Children under the age of 14 are only allowed to play on their own, only if accompanied by their parents or responsible family member;

3. Each player, when accessing the clubhouse facilities, should be already equipped with golf clothes and shoes to avoid the use of changing rooms / locker rooms;

 4. Players are strongly advised to wear a mask during their stay at the club house facilities and they must disinfect their hands as often as possible;

5. Each tee time will have a maximum of 2 players and the minimum interval between tee times will be 16 minutes O´Connor Jnr. / 20 minutes Faldo

6. Each player must carry and use his own golf bag and clubs during the game, always use his own tees and balls, avoiding using or touching equipment belonging to the game partner. Clubs hire will not be available;

7. During the game, the players must respect the rules of “social distance”, keeping, at all times, at least 2m apart;

8. Each player must use his own score card marking his playing strokes and those of his partner, score card exchange is not allowed at any time;

9. Each player is responsible for repairing their divots on tee’s and fairways as well as pitch marks on greens;

10. The golf courses removed the bunker rakes. Each player will be responsible for smoothing the marks on the bunkers with the club or golf shoes;

11. On greens, the flag must always remain inside the respective cup, and it is not allowed to remove or hold the flag.

12. In water obstacles, each player must be responsible for recovering the ball and cleaning it, without the help of the respective partner;

 13. After the game is over, the two players must greet each other according to the “social distance” rules, immediately leave the green and, in no case, can check, exchange or deliver score cards;  14. After the game is over, players are not allowed to clean clubs, trolleys or golf shoes on the course facilities, and all equipment must be transported and cleaned outside the facilities by each player.